The NetSpell project

NetSpell is a good spell checking engine, an Open Source project of LoreSoft, whose owner is Paul Welter.
Firstly, this project generates a DLL, responsible for working on a specific text, suggesting and making corrections based on a dictionary according to the client system’s culture.
The DLL can be applied to Windows Forms, and to Web Forms as well.
You can find at Loresoft’s website a NetSpell sample applied to a FreeTextBox.
This example uses an older version of the FreeTextBox text editor, that has a TextArea.
During the development of an application, I needed to use this spell checker. As we have the .NET 2.0 FrameWork, together with the FreeTextBox editor in its last version, and also the use of Assemblies in our Solution (where the files become embedded to the DLL), I had to make changes to NetSpell.
This next version of NetSpell will be soon available, that is, its DLL as well as its auxiliar files to work on WebForms (the javascript and the UserControl’s code).

To take a look at the NetSpell project, enter the Loresoft’s website at:

Thiago Sindra

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